Will I get phone calls from you that are long distance numbers, or numbers that don’t register as L&E Research on my caller ID?

Yes, we have people that work all over the US that recruit for our studies, and nearly all of those folks work from home. Many of our callers are stay-at-home parents that work part time, giving them a chance to stay in the workforce while also caring for their families. L&E Research is proud to employ dozens of parents that work from home, and we’re working hard to continue our growth so we can hire even more of them! So if you see a number that you don’t recognize, it could be L&E Research. And if you’re worried that the call isn’t us, don’t worry: our recruiters will leave you a message. If being a part of our team sounds like fun to you, either as one of our recruiters or client service representatives, be sure to send us your resume! Join Our Team