Since 1984, L&E Research has been connecting people like you with businesses that want to understand what you think about their products, services and ideas through market research studies. You give your opinions and L&E Research pays you for your time. We will never attempt to sell you anything and we will always keep any information you provide us secure and confidential.

Businesses want to hear from ALL kinds of people.

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L&E Research offers several ways for you to give your opinion.

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Feedback for a product, service or medical condition is very important to our clients, there will always be an incentive associated with your participation in one of our studies. Dependent on the client’s needs, amount of time the study takes to execute and content, the compensation varies from project to project along with the pay type. The compensation is either pre-paid Visa card or Merchant Ecard Sign up today and get paid for your time and valued opinions!

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Please ensure that all information you provide to L&E is correct and up-to-date. Providing false or misleading information can impact your eligibility to participate in current and/or future studies with L&E Research. You must be able to present valid photo identification to participate in all study types, including online studies.