How does this work?

Companies need to know what people like about their products, their services, their promotions – just about anything. The smart companies don’t just guess, they ask questions. These companies come to L&E to help them get answers. Depending on the type of person the client needs, and how they want to conduct the project, L&E works with them to make it happen. So you might receive an email from us to take an online survey about buying crackers. Or if we know you have a dog, we might ask you to come in to our convenient office to talk with a group about purchasing pet supplies. And if you have children, we might ask you to bring them in to participate in research about a kid’s product or ad campaign. Or we might call you to ask about a television show you watch.

All you have to do is sign up, complete your profile, and check our member portal regularly to find out if you have study invitations, and to learn about new studies that you might like to participate in. It’s fun and we are never going to try to sell you anything. And while you’re giving your opinion, you’re earning money. What’s better than that?