How Does Self-Scheduling Work?

1. On some select projects, once you fill out the online survey, if you’re a match for the study, you’ll receive an invitation to schedule yourself for the study via email. Please be sure to check your email for the invitation and act fast! The studies will fill on a first-come-first serve basis.

2. The self-schedule email invitation will look like this.
Click on the link “Click HERE to schedule your participation” to see a list of dates/ and times available for the study:

3. If you can attend the study and would like to participate, click “Select.” If you’re unable to attend or not interested in attending, simply click the “Decline” button:


4. Once you’ve clicked the “Schedule” button, you’ll receive a “You are scheduled” message:



5. You may then receive a phone call from a recruiter to verify some of your information. Be on the lookout for a quick phone call!

6. Once your information has been verified, and you’re confirmed for the study, you’ll be able to see your study details in your Member Portal under “My Studies.”

7. if you need to make any changes to your study dates, click on “Manage Participation.” You can also view your confirmation letter which contains more details about your study:

Be sure to add the study to your calendar!

8. In some rare instances, the client may make last minute changes to the study. If you are no longer eligible to participate in your scheduled study due to client changes. You will receive an email notification: