This sizing campaign is scanning thousands of people Nationwide! This study requires us to hit some targeted demographic quotas based on age and ethnicity to present an accurate portrayal of the United States.


  • Each person must be able to enter the changing room, wear a small, tight hair cap, change, and be scanned on their own. This requires standing on a platform performing 4 different poses and following instructions to make sure you’re positioned correctly.
  • You can schedule yourself, your children & your spouse and your grandchildren. Each individual person will receive $25 cash for their participation.
  • Each appointment will take at least 30 minutes. The automated response from the scheduling tool will say 15 minutes, but please note that it will actually take 30 minutes to complete your visit. Your automated response will contain a survey that you must complete (see below). Upon scheduling yourself, this email will come in approximately 15- 20 minutes’ time.


L&E Opinions - Location Thumb - Tampa


Location: L&E Research

5110 Sunforest Drive, Suite 300
Tampa, FL, US, 33634

L&E Opinions - Location Thumb - Minneapolis


Location: L&E Research

2 Meridian Crossings, Suite 430
Minneapolis, MN, US, 55423

L&E Opinions - Location Thumb - Raleigh


Location: L&E Research

215 Southport Drive, Suite 1400
Morrisville, NC, US, 27560​

L&E Opinions - Location Thumb - Cincinnati


Location: L&E Research

9908 Carver Rd,
Cincinnati, OH, US, 45242​


  • Follow the link to our online scheduling platform.
  • Find the open time(s) and schedule yourself and any qualifying family members who want to attend with you.
  • Each person needs their own time slot. If scheduling your children, use their name, your email (if they’re too young to have an email) and phone #.
  • A survey and confirmation email will be automatically sent to you 15 minutes after you sign up.
  • You MUST complete the survey in order to obtain an ID # prior to your appointment.
  • You can complete the survey for your child, but everyone must have a completed survey and ID #.
  • Your child cannot attend alone!
  • Please do NOT double book yourself!