L&E Research takes your privacy seriously. Below are answers to questions you may have regarding your privacy.

Will you give or sell my personal information to other companies?

AT NO TIME IS YOUR PERSONAL INFORMATION EVER GIVEN OR SOLD TO ANYONE OUTSIDE OF L&E RESEARCH, INCLUDING OUR CLIENTS! Your personal information is so protected that in addition to not sharing it with anyone outside our firm, all of our employees are required to sign confidentiality agreements guaranteeing that they will protect all data and not use it for any purposes other than L&E Research studies. The information you provide to us in our database is a vital part of our business: without our database, there would be no L&E Research, so we protect it at all costs.

Will I ever be asked for my social security number?

Absolutely not.

Will I be asked to give personal financial information such as my credit card or account numbers?

Absolutely not. You will be asked who your primary bank is and if called for studies regarding financial institutions, possibly what financial companies provide a service to you, but never personal information such as account or credit card numbers. You will also never be asked to pay to participate in one of our studies. If you are uncomfortable about answering any of the questions when you sign up, you may leave them blank. Not answering questions, however, will severely limit the number of studies for which you may be called.

What happens to the information I give you?

The information you give us will be placed into our secure database. When a study comes along that may fit your profile, we will contact you to see if you qualify for that particular study. If you do not qualify for that study, we keep that information and use it for determining whether you may qualify for another study, now or in the future. The more we know about you, the better chances we can find the study that is right for you.

If you do qualify, you will be told the time, the date, and the honorarium for the study and will be sent a confirmation letter by email. At that point, all you do is come to our office and participate in the discussion. If you qualify but can’t make that date, that’s okay, too. We’ll call you again for another study. But again, the more information we have, the better we can find the right study for you.

What do the companies who conduct the research do with the information after the focus group or interview is over?

Focus groups are usually held in several different cities. After all of the groups have been completed, the person who led the focus group writes a report on what was learned from the people who attended the groups. Included in this report are the findings and recommendations that resulted from the study. The companies that have sponsored the research then decide whether or not to act on those recommendations.

Can I see and change the information you have about me, personally?

Yes, you can view and update your information in your Member Portal under the “My Profile” area. Using your email address and password you can access your personal profile. If you do not have a password or have forgotten your password, please click on the “Forgot Password” on the login page.

How can I stop receiving emails or phone calls from you?

If you no longer wish to be contacted by L&E Research, please email us at members@leresearch.com and state that you no longer wish to be contacted by us for our studies. To ensure that we update our database with this information correctly and in a timely manner, please provide the following information when emailing us; your first and last name, email address, date of birth, and the best number we can reach you at in case we have any questions when emailing us.