Valued Members of our Community,

May 26, 2021

As society adjusts to the diminishing impacts of Covid 19 and CDC guidelines evolve, clients have sought our guidance on how best to approach research projects. As a result, we wanted to update our Covid 19 policies to help our clients and you, our members, get back to effectively conducting in-person research.

L&E will always continue to maintain the highest level of safety and sanitation. Safety is the driver in our policy, and the various audiences we must consider:

  • We’ll be following local directives on mask wearing policies. Therefore you may or may not be asked to wear masks to the facility but will need to remove them during the study if needed. 
  • If clients, other participants or fellow teammates ask for masks to be worn in their presence in the lobby areas,  our core values, such as “Be a good teammate” and “Do the right thing,” drive us to respect the rights of others, so we can better understand the other’s position (i.e. empathy).  Our team understands this, and thus will keep masks handy as needed.
  • As vaccines have become widely available, and CDC guidelines have relaxed on social distancing, our members may be invited to participate in in-person focus groups that may or may not be social-distanced. 

It’s been a long 15 months! But we are starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel towards a return to pre-pandemic procedures. We look forward to welcoming you again to our facilities, and seeing the magic of in-person research come alive again.

Brett Watkins

Here is what you can expect moving forward when you come into our facility to participate in in-person studies.

  • Staff will wear masks and gloves if requested during the study.
  • We’re following the local guidelines in each market regarding mask directives when entering the facility in the lobby area. 
  • Participants must be willing to remove their masks during study.
  • Seating areas in the lobby or in the focus group rooms may or may not be socially distanced.
  • Incentives will remain virtual so there is no transferring of cash

Ongoing Housekeeping

  • The building housekeeping staff is continuing to provide additional cleaning services.
  • Staff will sanitize between each group with extra time allotted for thorough cleaning of all surfaces.
  • Staff can wear masks continuously during the study if needed.
  • Staff to wear gloves when appropriate and as needed.
  • Staff to maintain continuous cleaning of all areas of facility – Reception area, lobby, doors & doorknobs, table tops, chair handles, counters, kitchen area.

In Closing

And if you’re not quite ready to join in-person research? That’s ok too! There are still other opportunities to participate in research, as clients regularly conduct research online. If you do not have a webcam, now is a great time to consider one: not only for your own purposes of communication in other ways beyond direct personal contact, but also as a great way to expand the opportunities of participation in our paid research studies. If you elect to purchase one, we hope you will visit your member portal and update your records, so we know you are now eligible to participate in these types of studies.

We thank you for being a member of our database, participating in our studies, and look forward to seeing you soon, in-person or online, at one of our upcoming paid research studies!