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L&E Research is a market research firm that works with companies throughout the United States, including many large Fortune 500 companies, to conduct research studies with people (like you!) that use their products and services. We have been conducting market research for more than 30 years and are trusted by our members and our clients.

L&E Research conducts three types of market research projects:

  • In-person research where you come in to our offices or another location to take part in the research
  • Telephone surveys that you take when we call you on your landline or cell phone
  • Online surveys that you take on your computer, tablet or smartphone

Companies need to know what people like about their products, their services, their promotions – just about anything. The smart companies don’t just guess, they ask questions. These companies come to L&E to help them get answers. Depending on the type of person the client needs, and how they want to conduct the project, L&E works with them to make it happen. So you might receive an email from us to take an online survey about buying crackers. Or if we know you have a dog, we might ask you to come in to our convenient office to talk with a group about purchasing pet supplies. And if you have children, we might ask you to bring them in to participate in research about a kid’s product or ad campaign. Or we might call you to ask about a television show you watch.

All you have to do is sign up, complete your profile, and check our member portal regularly to find out if you have study invitations, and to learn about new studies that you might like to participate in. It’s fun and we are never going to try to sell you anything. And while you’re giving your opinion, you’re earning money. What’s better than that?

Just about everyone. Why? Because it’s the best way to hear “the voice of the customer.” As our world becomes more complex and relationships between companies and their customers becomes more personal - think about technology and how that has made us so much more connected - hearing what customers think becomes that much more important. And it's not just companies that sell things: Lawyers want to hear how you would rule if you were on a jury trial, government agencies want to hear how they can improve their services (honest…), publishers want to speak with teachers about their textbooks and how to make them better, pharmaceutical companies want to speak with physicians and other healthcare professionals to better understand what they prescribe and why.

Probably not. Most companies keep that private, as they don’t want to bias your opinion. And privacy is at the heart of what L&E does - both your privacy, and the privacy of our clients. We like to think of ourselves as the Switzerland of marketing research: We facilitate getting the right people in the room and providing a safe setting for ideas to be exchanged and learning to happen. And the cool part of it is, you’re the teacher, with no test or preparation, because it's your opinion companies care about!

Two things: One, we store your information on secure servers with secure socket layering (SSL) and password protection, hosted by professional server companies that protect really important data for banks, agencies, and Fortune 500 companies. Two, all of our employees sign legal agreements swearing that if they give your information away, they risk criminal prosecution. We take protecting your information seriously, because it is the lifeblood of our business.

We love referrals from our members, and we want to pay you for them! Log into your member portal and click on the refer a friend tab to see how you can start earning monthly.

Yes, we have people that work all over the US that recruit for our studies, and nearly all of those folks work from home. Many of our callers are stay-at-home moms that work part time, giving them a chance to stay in the workforce while also caring for their families. L&E Research is proud to employ dozens of parents that work from home, and we’re working hard to continue our growth so we can hire even more of them! So if you see a number that you don’t recognize, it could be L&E Research. And if you’re worried that the call isn't us, don’t worry: our recruiters will leave you a message. If being a part of our team sounds like fun to you, either as one of our recruiters or client service representatives, be sure to send us your resume! Join Our Team

Creating an Account

Simple, if you are 18 or older, you just need to complete our sign-up form…it takes less than a minute. Once you have completed the sign-up-form, you will be logged into your new Member Portal. To increase your chances of being selected for studies, make sure you update your datapoints and check the Available Studies section. If you are a match for an upcoming study, we will reach out via phone call or email.

We ask typical demographic questions, purchasing questions, medical conditions, technology and more. These information is not mandatory but we highly recommend answering as many as possible. The more information we have the easier it is to match you with an upcoming study. We will never ask you for your social security number, bank account information or other sensitive data. The questions are what our clients need to know to find people to participate in their research studies.

Absolutely not! We store your information on secure servers with secure socket layering (SSL) and password protection, hosted by professional server companies that protect really important data for banks, agencies, and Fortune 500 companies. All of our employees sign legal agreements swearing that if they give your information away, they risk criminal prosecution. We take protecting your information seriously, because it is the lifeblood of our business. View our privacy policy.

We do ask a lot of questions – sorry about that! The reason is that it helps us more quickly find the right people for our client’s research. So if they want to talk to people who rent their homes, we know who you are. If they want people who recently bought a new car – there you are! And if they want to talk to Moms with pre-school aged kiddos, gotcha’!

And by the way, the more you tell us about yourself the more likely we can fit you into a research project. (And the more studies you participate in, the more money you … you get it.)

So to keep your profile up to date, answer those questions!

Participating in Studies

Available studies are listed two places. If you are not a member, you can find them on the Available Studies Page. Once you are a member, you can check the Available Studies section in your member portal. In your portal we list all local studies and nationwide. There is also a PRESELECTED JUST FOR YOU section. These are studies that we believe you will be a good fit for based on the information you have shared in your member portal.

No sales. Ever! We are in the research business - we connect our clients with people that care about their products and services. We don’t sell you anything, and our clients don’t sell you anything. If you’re recruited to participate in one of our studies, it's because our client really wants to hear what you have to say and values your time. In return for your time and opinions, you get paid. Simple as that.

If you participate in a study you will always be compensated for your time and opinions.

Every study is different, but a typical study pays $50-$100 per hour and takes 1-2 hours. If the study is related to your work, the pay is usually more. When we contact you about a particular study, first, we will ask you questions online or over the phone to see if you qualify for the study - this process usually takes a few minutes. If you qualify, you will be told how much the study will pay and how much of your time it involves. If you’re not interested in a study we discuss with you, or the timing doesn’t work, that’s ok - just tell us and we will call you again another time.

All of L&E Research studies pay you for your time and opinions. We call the payments “incentives.”

1. In-Person Studies

Our in person studies are paid via cash or via pre-paid MasterCard virtual incentive at the end of the study session. We occasionally pay via check, but our primary method is cash.

2. Telephone or Online Studies

All incentives will be paid out via pre-paid MasterCard virtual incentive after the completion of the study.

Every client is different. Clients look forward to your feedback and want to hear fresh unbiased opinions. The typical request between studies is three to six months. Product testing and taste testing can be as little as two months.

Absolutely! L&E Research conducts studies with people all over the United States! Some studies our clients will visit you in your home, some studies are done over the phone, or even the Internet with webcams! It is important to always check the Available Studies page for these types of opportunities.

For Existing Members

If you have taken a screener online, you can check your member portal for updates on each submitted entry. If you are a match for a study we typically contact you within 48 hours. Staying active in your member portal is the best way to stay connected and informed.

Many of our clients are looking for specific types of people to include in their market research studies. So the best way to get picked is to keep your profile up to date. The more we know about you, the more likely we can get you into a study. And then pay you, of course!

Yes, we recommend watching this video. It takes less than 4 minutes but tells you everything that you can do to improve your chances of us connecting you with the right study. In general, the more current your information, the more emails from us that you respond to, and the more calls that you take from us to answer our questions, the more we will learn about you, which helps us match you with studies more quickly. Once you have signed up with us, you will be given an account in our secure Participant Portal. Keep your account current (especially your contact information) and be engaged by responding to our emails and calls...That’s the best advice to improve your chances of participating.

We would love to do that; unfortunately, some questions we cannot post online due to the sensitive nature of our studies. Putting that information online would risk exposing our client's research to competitors. Unfortunately, some people give us bad information and just to try and get into studies. Our verbal verification process ensures that you and the study are a good fit. We appreciate you answering our questions thoughtfully, and accurately, to ensure our clients get good information: this ensures we get paid for our research studies, and you get paid for your opinions!


Please manually type your email into both the Email and Confirm Email fields on the sign up form and do not copy and paste your email into the Confirm Email field (copying and pasting your email sometimes picks up an extra space and results in the email addresses not matching).

​Did you get married? Take a vacation? Buy a house? No matter how big or how small, we need to know what’s happening in your life so we can match you to our clients’ projects. So you can qualify for research projects (and get paid!) Click here to login to our member portal and update your profile.

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