​Who is L&E Research?

L&E Research is a market research firm that works with companies throughout the United States, including many large Fortune 500 companies, to conduct research studies with people (like you!) that use their products and services. We have been conducting market research for more than 30 years and are trusted by our members and our clients. 

Types of Projects

L&E Research conducts three types of market research projects:

  • In-person research where you come in to our offices or another location to take part in the research
  • Telephone surveys that you take when we call you on your landline or cell phone
  • Online surveys that you take on your computer, tablet or smartphone


Why do I keep getting an error message saying that my email addresses don't match?

Please manually type your email into both the Email and Confirm Email fields on the sign up form and do not copy and paste your email into the Confirm Email field (copying and pasting your email sometimes picks up an extra space and results in the email addresses not matching).


Why don’t I get picked?

Many of our clients are looking for specific types of people to include in their market research studies. So the best way to get picked is to keep your profile up to date. The more we know about you, the more likely we can get you into a study. And then pay you, of course!  CLICK HERE TO LOG IN TO OUR MEMBER PORTAL AND EDIT YOUR PROFILE

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There's something different about you.

​Did you get married? Take a vacation? Buy a house? No matter how big or how small, we need to know what’s happening in your life so we can match you to our clients’ projects. So you can qualify for research projects (and get paid!) CLICK HERE TO LOG IN TO OUR MEMBER PORTAL AND UPDATE YOUR PROFILE 

How does this work?

Companies need to know what people like about their products, their services, their promotions – just about anything. The smart companies don’t just guess, they ask questions. These companies come to L&E to help them get answers. Depending on the type of person the client needs, and how they want to conduct the project, L&E works with them to make it happen. So you might receive an email from us to take an online survey about buying crackers. Or if we know you have a dog, we might ask you to come in to our convenient office to talk with a group about purchasing pet supplies. And if you have children, we might ask you to bring them in to participate in research about a kid’s product or ad campaign. Or we might call you to ask about a television show you watch.

All you have to do is sign up, complete your profile, and check our member portal regularly to find out if you have study invitations, and to learn about new studies that you might like to participate in. It’s fun and we are never going to try to sell you anything. And while you’re giving your opinion, you’re earning money. What’s better than that?

Why do you need so much information?

We do ask a lot of questions – sorry about that! The reason is that it helps us more quickly find the right people for our client’s research. So if they want to talk to people who rent their homes, we know who you are. If they want people who recently bought a new car – there you are! And if they want to talk to Moms with pre-school aged kiddos, gotcha’!

And by the way, the more you tell us about yourself the more likely we can fit you into a research project. (And the more studies you participate in, the more money you … you get it.)

So to keep your profile up to date, answer those questions! UPDATE YOUR PROFILE NOW

Stuff Our Lawyers Tell Us to Say

OK, here’s a little disclaimer from our lawyers: Joining this panel is not a promise of future income. Your personal information is held in strictest confidence by L&E Research. We never, ever sell or share your information with anyone. Ever.

The fact is, we’re all in this together. If we don’t do right by you, no one will want to do business with us. You give us your opinions, we pay you, and we’ll keep your information safe. Deal?


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