Valued Members of our Community,

There is no higher priority to our entire L&E Research team than the health and well-being of our clients, our teammates, and you, our participants we connect our clients with in order to facilitate great qualitative research. The Coronavirus (COVID-19) is impacting our industry, primarily in the travel restrictions being placed upon the corporations we serve. While the risk is deemed low, we still remain vigilant in monitoring this situation (as we are sure you are as well) and are taking steps to ensure we reduce the potential of spreading this virus abroad.

L&E Research considers the health and safety of its clients, teammates and participants to be of the utmost importance. We also recognize the importance of our client’s work, and the need to have a reliable partner in their qualitative research, ready to adapt and rapidly respond to the everchanging environment we face. In turn…we’re focused on finding more opportunities for our community to engage clients in paid research, including opportunities from home.

Below is our response to COVID-19, and the steps we have taken to ensure our business is ready to respond, to this or any other crisis, that could impact the conduct of your research.

Background: Corona Virus (COVID-19)

Corona virus information is available through the CDC or World Health Organization and local government health departments and agencies. L&E Research’s leadership team has been monitoring this outbreak, and meets regularly to discuss actions to be taken to ensure the safety of everyone that engages with us. We are constantly monitoring local actions and the impacts on our communities, and how that will impact our clients, our teammates, and you, our database members.

What precautionary action is L&E Research Taking?

L&E Research is taking extra precautions to enhance everyone’s safety and reduce the opportunity of spreading the virus. They include:

  1. Travel Restrictions. L&E Research employee business travel is restricted to essential business trips only,
  2. Participants in our research may be asked about Corona Virus exposure and the display of flu-like symptoms, encouraging them to cancel should they not feel well to ensure not exposing others to the virus.
  3. Any client who has traveled to an impacted area and exposed to the virus will be asked to monitor the research online and not visit the office.

L&E Research Focus Group Facility Precautions include:

  1. All L&E Research facilities are stocked with additional soap, hand sanitizer, and disinfected wipes.
  2. Extra care is being taken when serving or sharing any food within the office or facility.
  3. Everyone entering the office will be encouraged to exercise good health practices.
  4. Additional cleaning and disinfection of hard surfaces shared by participants is being exercised


L&E Research is taking extra precautions to ensure we reduce the chance of spreading COVID-19 and other illnesses, and we encourage you to help us by self-identifying to us exposure to the virus, or flu-like symptoms in general, so we can eliminate exposure to our communities (clients, employees and fellow participants). There are still other opportunities to participate in research should you experience these symptoms, as clients regularly conduct research online. If you do not have a webcam, now is a great time to consider one: not only for your own purposes of communication in other ways beyond direct personal contact, but also as a great way to expand the opportunities of participation in our paid research studies. If you elect to purchase one, we hope you will visit your member portal and update your records, so we know you are now eligible to participate in these types of studies.

We thank you for being a member of our database, participating in our studies, and helping us take extra precautions by being a good neighbor and implementing best practices in sanitation and cleanliness (wash those hands regularly!) to reduce the spread of this virus. “This too shall pass” is a well-known refrain that applies to COVID 19 as well: we appreciate your cooperation and look forward to seeing you soon, in-person or online, at one of our upcoming paid research studies!

Warm Regards,


Angela Steed
Director, Community Engagement